Thursday, January 26, 2006

Off-Season 2005-06 and what's to come

Well wow... Who even knows what to say about this offseason? I guess the ownership is really banking on the young guys (Yuniesky Betancourt, Jose Lopez, Kenji Johjima and Jeremy Reed) to have big comeback years (or rookie year's in the case of Johjima.)

The general consensus at the beginning of the offseason was that the front office had somewhere between 20-30 million to spend in the offseason, what did they do? Pay a number three starter with number one money (Jarrod Washburn 4 yrs, $37.5 million.) With that signing taking up nearly half of the team's alloted free agency budget, and still two gaping holes left to fill (a left handed bat with "sock" as Bavasi puts it, and a catcher.) The left handed-sock? Jeromy Burnitz? Nope... Carlos Delgado? Nuh uh... Carl Everett?! DING DING DING! Tell him what he's won! A crappy hitter who, at best, would make a good six-hole hitter and who is on the downside of his career... Joy.

All of this raging optimism makes this season sound very promising doesn't it? Well, there are a few bright spots coming up.

First, the signing of Japanese import, Kenji Johjima, is a move that I whole-heartedly adore. With the success that players from Japan have had in Seattle at an all-time high (see: Ichiro, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Shigetoshi Hasegawa.) For what equates to about the money for a bench player in today's market, the Mariners may have gotten themselves one helluva catcher, a hole which has been there since the retirement of Dan Wilson.

Of course, the one thing that all Seattle fan's will agree with and be excited about; a full year of the phenom, Felix Hernandez. The 19-year-old pitcher could be the long bright spot on this year's team, much as he was last year. Let's just hope he doesn't flame out like so many other pitchers have in major league history.

Along with the signing of Johjima, the young players' development should provide some interesting growing pains along with some great joys, stay tuned to this blog for updates from Spring Training in beautiful Peoria, Ariz. on the "Baby Mariners" and their progress on bringing the Seattle Mariners back to where they belong; At the top of the American League Western Divison.
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Blogger Azdez said...

Well, I've always been under the opinion you can't buy a team (see-Yankees) It's a balance between developing your assets (farm guys) and nurturing leaders (usually the older guys) to guide the team.

I agree management's decision to blow their wad on Washburn is suspect. However they'll never get over loosing Johnson and will bet the bank on what they see as reliable to avoid the embarrassment of letting the big one get away.

Now I'm going to have to go study up on the Mariners.

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