Saturday, February 04, 2006

OT: Seahawks

Yes I know everyone, this is a Mariners blog, but first and foremost, I am a Seattle fan. Having said that, this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. Usually the words Super Bowl and Seattle are not in the same sentence, except when someone is trying to say "The Seahawks have no chance at the Super Bowl." However, this is the year, it has finally happened. For a city that has had no professional sports championship since the Seattle Sonics in the '70s (not counting the WNBA, the Seattle Storm won that a couple years ago.) So forgive me if I am a bit preoccupied to post much on here, I am fully caught up in 'Hawks mania, after Sunday I will be back with Mariners coverage (minus the next weekend after that to take care of some family business in Michigan...) So until then, good night and good luck haha. Oh, and one more thing...



Blogger Azdez said...

I got to watch the game on High Def. Just loved it. I really got to experience the game in a whole different way. It was incredible even compared to games I've seen in it before. TV coverage has rapidly moved from a cold medium to a hot one and I like it.

I think there were two incidents that played into the loss to the Steelers. One happened on the field and the other on the way off at halftime.

When the reporter Suzy (I don't remember her last name), ask Holmgren about the problem with clock management on the last few plays of the half and he answered about the steelers touchdown; I knew they were in trouble. No matter if the call is good or bad for you once it's over it's over. Don't waste time or energy over something you can't change... move on. He wasn't.

On the return of the second half kick off when the steelers guy was down, I witnessed the seahawks throwing punches in the pile.Yeah I know there's always some of that going on, but I've never seen it that blatant before. Madden Or Micheals commented on that they better stop that. I think they llost their focus at that moment and never got it back.

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